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Bill Grosso (moderator), David Young Joyent, Jeff Barr Amazon, Patrick Harr Nirvanix Again, energy lagging. let’s see […]

Bill Grosso (moderator), David Young Joyent, Jeff Barr Amazon, Patrick Harr Nirvanix

Again, energy lagging. let’s see what I can do. this looks like the grown-up panel.

okay, I have no idea what they are saying, I just transcribed except when I got tired. This one’s for you Jim, say hi to joel on software for me.

Amazon: cool ideas to successful product is “the muck” hardware, software, costs, load balancing, viral growth, bandwidth management. we have services so you can ignore that.

  • S3
  • web services api
  • pay as you go
    • storate $.15/gb/mo
    • once you are in the amazon cloud you canmove it around wiht no extra charge
  • EC2
  • resiable computer capacity in the cloud
  • full root acccess ot a blank linus machine
  • $.10/server/hr + bandwidth

  • SQS
  • distributed queue in the cloud
  • used for storing messaging travellign between computers
  • reliable cheap

Joyent: facebook developers should not develop or manage infrastructure. ondemand infrastructure. allows scale. $35 a month. you can go up and down.

  • open stack
  • force 10 routers
  • sun x4150 servers, sun 4500
  • verticle scale up to 32gb ram and 8cpus
  • horizontal scale, not software load balancing but hardware load balencing
  • vertical+horizontal = true web scale.
  • persistant sotrage that works with Accelerators.
  • 10% rule, you should not spend more than 10% of your revenue on your infrastructure.


  • the downsource model
  • b2b storage service
    • digital locker service
    • backup applications
    • photo and video hosting
    • audio/video transcoding and image resizing/manipulation
  • control costs: set storage
  • effortless management, scalable ondemand business model
  • user experience: internode and intranode load balancing enables fast global storage and delivery
  • HTTP upload
  • integrated media transcoding
  • integrated seach capabilities – lets users tag and search content
  • complete internet media service
  • similar pricing $.18 gb/mo SLA, cusotmer support
  • reference applications
    • vista, ftp, web locker, flash widget uploader

well, if it’s going to be a sale call, at least it’s war of the sales calls.

blah blah master slave sql install snapshot uploads


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