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Finally, facebook in the house! facebook update we are a technology company, we build software, we build a […]

Finally, facebook in the house!

facebook update

  • we are a technology company, we build software, we build a social utility
  • intense growth curve, 43M active users , 225K new users every day. 3X users every day than his hometown in helena
  • Doubling every six months
  • new uses
    • over 25
    • high school users
    • international (cananda, UK, australia, norway, south africa — english speakign countries)
  • age distribution in growth internationally reflects internet population as a whole, unlike US where it reflects college origens)
  • over 50% of uses return daily (!)
  • 60 billion pages every day. 1500 pages per users a month, 15 pages a day, one of most trafficked site on the web.

Social Graph

  • we are tryign to map the social graph i the most efficiant way possible.
  • ours is not better, we’re just trying to do the best job we can
  • the social graph is the network of connections that exist in the world between people.
  • We focus on how people cna represent their identity int eh most effective and efficiant manner
  • we focus on letting peole communicate in the most efficiant manner
  • we focus on letting you reach out to as many people as possible
  • Overtime, facebook gets better and better
  • shows how social networks hit tipping point
  • example: photos application. it’s not the best, but it’s the most trafficked photo application on the internet, more than all web aps combined.
  • events was from a hackathon, idea that in 8 hours you can get something done. IT is vastly larger than evite– not because of quality, but utility created by social graph.

facebook platform

  • three aspects
  1. deep integration
  2. mass distribution
  3. new oppurtunity
  • why aren’t you more open? We ask ourselves, We have an obligation to users, we may need to allow users to take their data but also need to protect.
  • three parts of ap
  1. profile
    1. profile actions
    2. add a box to the profile (events doens’t even have a
  2. canvas pages
    1. ads
    2. newfeeds
      1. requests
      2. notifications
      3. newsfeed stories
  3. homepage

Photos best practices

  • newsfeed shows highly contextual photos, you can see and understand well
  • on the main canvas page, it’s important to think about the context, here we show friends photos. many aps don’t leverage this page. it shows whats going on through the lens of your friends, it stays up to date and very very interesting.
  • enable people to engage around your content, i.e. a wall with every photo
  • mass distribution: power of social graph
    • all aps let you add to your profile
    • the minifeed as a way to distribute new forms of content
    • people are underusing.
  • notifications
  • requests

new opportunity

  • growth
  • engagement
  • monetization

we hope we’ve offered a way for you to grow, using the all the best practices, social graph for engagement, and ways to make money to get away form the man _yeah, or sell to him_

fbFund as a way to kick off folks

how are things going? My stats aren’t as good as tim’s, which is funny…
90,000+ developers
create things we’d never think of, and our users are adopting them and it’s growing! applicaiotns create utility and grow users base and engagement.

Q: is plan for facebook to move form a level 1 platform to a level 2 platofrm (see andreensen) to avoid scale issues
A: we’re focused on the technology we’ve already created, making it stable and consistent

Q: what were the surprises?
A: We spent a lot of time making sure the platform was easy to understand but developers and users, what data was going where. it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Q: what are you looking for in a fbFund applicant
A: we’re not an invester per se, more of giving grants. but still  great teams, great ideas, great business models.

Q: is it a problem the skewed tail?
A: we’re going to try to find a way for developers to get their aps out, even playing field, more people can get in that  space.

Q: is it a pure numbers game, llet all aps come and let uses decide whats useful? or vett out some quality to reduce overhead on users?
A: We want to let the market flourish, and get information out, helping users choose via evolving the product directory. We’re a young company, we’re figuring it out.