From: Gleanings To: yuz guyz

From: Gleanings To: yuz guyz Subject: Gleanings: I predict OPENING THANG First, if you sent predictions by hitting […]

From: Gleanings
To: yuz guyz
Subject: Gleanings: I predict


First, if you sent predictions by hitting reply, that doesn’t work for various mysterious reasons. Please resend any predictions for 2001 to I’m pretty interested in seeing what folks can come up with. I found it rather fun to predict like a psychic or a pundit.
Try it, you’ll like it! And don’t forget to add your name as you’d like to be referred to. Most of the time I just write people’s first name, we’re a casual Friday kind of community here. But of course if your prediction is brilliant and wonderful and want folks to click to your website after to see what other sorts of clever things you’ve come up with, I’ll enable that.

And if there are no predictions, I’ll make more up. In the year 2001
everyone will have cellphone planted in the hollow of there jaws, reducing traffic incidents by 10% and reducing the stigma of being insane and walking around talking to yourself.


The identity card project


fewer choices more better

Information Anxiety 2 is out.

Web Techniques: Building Web Sites With Depth.
Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir. Good stores know that it’s not enough for the store to look nice–it must act nice as well, and support the total customer experience, including location, staffing, returns, payments, sales, and so on.
E-commerce sites focus far too often on superficial niceties, without
investing in their customers’ underlying needs.

Publish: Invisible architecture.
Christopher Locke. Companies don’t have values or voices, only people do.
Fortunately, your company has lots of people. How many stories does your
building have? Before you can answer, you must understand what a story truly
is. To do that, you first have to find your own.


just found this– what a great source for articles on business.


Yet more usability backlash
Peter Merhlz write a pretty good rebuttal (scroll down to January 12th)


While looking for a place to go for my 1st wedding anniversary, I found this
article on Lagos. amazing what tourism can do. Well worth a read.

This is horrible and wrong and more amusing than dancing Jesus. isn’t
technology wonderful?

Five Crappiest tech Jobs