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From: gleanings To: y’all Subject: Gleanings: Everybody matters DESIGN MATTERS Larry Constantine’s examination of how the shopping cart […]

From: gleanings
To: y’all
Subject: Gleanings: Everybody matters


Larry Constantine’s examination of how the shopping cart metaphor is abused in most site implementations in “Use and Misuse of Metaphor” –

also on CHI-WEB recently someone asked for recommendations of magazines for designers.


How usable are dropdowns? I recently asked the members of CHI-WEB and put together this summary


Pew Research: Trust and Privacy Online


surveyed 2,117 americans, 1,017 of them internet users

– 86% favor opt-in privacy policies that require companies to ask before
using personal info
– 54% believes web site tracking is an invasion of privacy; only 27% think
it is helpful
– 56% cannot ID the primary tracking tool (cookies); only 10% have set
browsers to reject cookies


Rick Levine, of Cluetrain Manifesto Fame put together some of the best, most
common sense advice for designing an e-commerce site in his article – “Your
customer isn’t an idiot”


as ever, mostly from tomalak. you could get everything he puts up rather than just what I find interesting by going to

Inside: Burn-Rate Casualties Ripe for Big-Company Buyouts.
Jason Chervokas and Tom Watson. While it may be clear now that giving a bunch
of content creators buckets of money and expecting a return in the near term
was foolish, it is equally clear that the market for online content is growing
rather than contracting…,2770,10029_13_30_1,00.html

News.Com: Lawmakers want to legalize service.
Dubbed the “Music Owners’ Listening Rights Act of 2000,” the bill would give
companies the right to copy CDs, store them online, and stream the songs
individually to listeners who could prove they already owned a copy of the CD.

Internet Week: Patent Licensing Benefits Both Sides.
Did Amazon really obtain tangible assets in return, or did it go easy on Apple
just to get a license under its belt? Meanwhile, eBay, whose plans are still
not fully fleshed out, similarly stands to benefit by taking in license fees
for its technology.

from the standard

MUSIC TO ADVERTISERS’ EARS: According to a new study released by
Arbitron & Edison Media Research, 20 percent of Americans claim to
have listened to online radio. Despite the criticism levied recently
at the value of online advertising, 46 percent of Net radio listeners
say they pay attention to streaming advertisements. Half of them pay
attention to banner ads, and 40 percent say they have clicked on one
in the past month. By comparison, only 30 percent of non-streaming
users say they pay attention to banner ads.,1151,18797,00.html?nl=np

MOBILE CLICKS: Ad click-through rates on mobile devices are booming in
Japan. According to the Japanese ad agency Dentsu, the market for ads
distributed via Net-enabled phones will reach $92.6 billion in fiscal
year 2001, which begins in April. ValueClick Japan, which runs ads on
NTT DoCoMo’s I-mode service, reports a click-through rate that, at 1.5
percent, is three times higher than the average rate for ads the
company sells on PCs.,1151,18828,00.html?nl=np