From: Gleanings To: Unsatisfied Subject:

From: Gleanings To: Unsatisfied Subject: Gleanings: Giggles, Art and Surveys OPENING THANG First: I want to redesign Eleganthack. […]

From: Gleanings
To: Unsatisfied
Subject: Gleanings: Giggles, Art and Surveys



I want to redesign Eleganthack. That starts with you all, and your opinions:
I built this survey. Please take it…
Sorry about the spelling errors. I have no doubt the number one request will
be for an editor.

And Second:

It’s Friday! Art and funnies! Less news! More ways to waste time!


Typeface hell
“Your typography is #@$! boring. Did you pay any attention to typeface
choice when you made your stylesheet? Chances are, you did up the keen-o
title and nav button text in Photoshop, then picked a body typeface that
comes with Windows or Mac OS by default, and then threw in a few back-up
fonts “just in case,” right? Just like all the other little two-bit hacks
out there, churning out slop.”

When did blogs get so beautiful?
I need to redesign my site. Can I trade everything I know about IA for one
day for everything someone else knows about design? Sigh.

He’s baaack (

Interview: Jeffrey Zeldman
Jeffrey Zeldman is an outspoken web designer, author, and speaker.

holy cow


Can Apple Move Beyond the Mix Tape?
Steven Johnson on iMac’s “Rip.Mix.Burn.” campaign


Sick of tables? Need some css layouts, but can’t bear to code your own?
more on the hottest thing to hit client-side code since the rollover


SF to lose 80 percent of dot-coms,4586,2702185,00.html

David writes: “There’s this slashdot article talking about a new book,
“”, by Cass Sunstein. The book makes the claim that we are
creating little communities of people on the Internet who all have the same
thoughts, ideas and opinions. The very thing that is supposed to encourage
sharing information, free speech and new ideas is being used to eliminate
those very things. The author makes some very valid points, but at the same
time, I think he fails to see forest for the trees. Yes, there are sites
that have filtered opinions and biased information, but those sources have
always existed, even before the Internet. Anyone in this day and age who
still believes that they get their news free from bias or spin is sadly
deluded. To use the popular line, “the Truth is out there.” Seek, and ye
shall find. Of course, I haven’t read the book, and am basing these comments
on the slashdot article.”


Is it Sunday already? (

Kirk says(
“All Nude Teen Stick Figures is one of the weirder sites I’ve seen lately.
And it’s AOL-friendly.”

I’m going shopping says:
“The best part about isn’t the absolute intolerance of
absolutely everyone. It isn’t the animated gif of the devil’s head on fire.
It isn’t the rotting carcass at the bottom of the page. It isn’t the scanned
image of God from a Jack Chick tract wearing a shirt with “I NEED JESUS” on
it. It’s the background music – it’s random midi files. I got Rage Against
the Machine’s Killing In The Name Of. Now, how dope is that?”

morbid? goth? deep?

Today’s Cruel Site of the Day: (thanks david)
The Inscrutable 8-Ball Revealed

and just when you have something to say…
what does he put in that tea of his?