From: Gleanings To: Kittens Subject:

From: Gleanings To: Kittens Subject: Gleanings: Elegies and purrs ***OPENING THANG Well, this is more-or-less what I did […]

From: Gleanings
To: Kittens
Subject: Gleanings: Elegies and purrs


Well, this is more-or-less what I did with my weekend, as well as why you didn’t get a gleanings on Friday…


The Vernacular Architecture Forum
“During the past twenty-five years, interest in the ordinary architecture of North America has grown rapidly and in diverse directions. Scholars and field professionals now apply the term “vernacular architecture” to traditional domestic and agricultural buildings, industrial and commercial structures, twentieth-century suburban houses, settlement patterns and cultural landscapes. The Vernacular Architecture Forum was formed in 1980 to encourage the study and preservation of these informative and valuable material resources.”


Ergosoft labrotories
I plan to spend some time today frolicing here. How about you?


Dr Leslie & The Composing Room
“Founded in 1927 by Sol Cantor and Dr. Robert L. Leslie, The Composing Room set out to be the cream of the crop in typesetting firms. Described in a promotional piece as “a shop where type is set intelligently for intelligent clients. Also promptly, reasonably, and with true professional enthusiasm. An outfit which plays up the art in every particular, and doesn’t and doesn’t miss the fun in fundamentals either.” ”


Dennis Interactive
High nifty factor, nice design, annoying navigation.


New alertbox!
Stationary Mobility By Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir
“Mobile Internet access will free us from having to connect appliances to telephone jacks and will make smart devices much easier to install. In fact, they may not need a user interface at all, as exemplified by the Japanese i-pot. ”


Good Experience
Bits as Art
Mark Hurst was almost– almost– able to talk about the emerging realm of webart without bringing up usability. But not quite.


Industry Standard: Microsoft Moves to Turn .Net Into a Reality. (
“On Monday, Bill Gates will announce a blitzkrieg campaign to transform
Microsoft’s much-ballyhooed .Net Web services initiative from an abstract
technical notion into a concrete business idea. According to a source familiar
with the project it is enormously ambitious…”,1151,22946,00.html


Lighthouse: What price feedback email? (
Customers expect more and better service. But now that the easy money of the
dot-com boom has evaporated, many Web site operators want tighter cost
control. And hiring people to write coherent and intelligent answers to
feedback email costs real money.


Jonathan Shein (Usability Enthusiast At Large) sends along a couple of articles:

“Dumb Computers!!!
Bill Buxtion: “The vast majority of computers have few interactive features
and are largely unable to forecase human behavior, rendering them less
advanced than airport toilets that flush automatically when the user departs
the stall. Shouldn’t your computer be as smart as your toilet?”,4586,2696127,00.html

A List Apart has a couple of good articles, one of them with a dash of
1) Emerging standards…

2) How to become a superstar…

thanks, Jonathan!


I’m shopping for a new digital camera. you know there can be a $300 dollar range in prices on a given digital camera? I’ve converted to completely.


my latest favorite blog

and from LGF…

Cats purr to help them recover from illness and injury
Scientists say they’ve discovered that cats purr to help them get better when they’re injured.


my sister sends this highly necessary palm ap.