From: Gleanings To: jazzhounds Subject:

From: Gleanings To: jazzhounds Subject: Gleanings: Jazzed OPENING THANG I put my husband on a plane last night, […]

From: Gleanings
To: jazzhounds
Subject: Gleanings: Jazzed


I put my husband on a plane last night, went home, poured a large whiskey and watched Jazz. There are trumpets that can sing your heart out of your chest. Louis Armstrong and Wynton Marsalis. Oof.

This morning drinking my coffee and nursing my delicate head, I tried to type in a url half-remembered from the show, which I thought was Nope. Luckily there is providing this fine collection of links for the jazz hungry. (nope, don’t have the wherewithal this a.m. to point out the futility of expecting consumers to remember URLs)


A new book is out from the nicest guy in web design, Jeff Veen…

The Art & Science of Web Design
Web Reference: Interview with Jeffrey Veen.

Conceptual Foundations
“One of the commonest mistakes of web designers is to not take the
conceptual foundations very seriously, e.g. What purpose is the web site
supposed to serve? Who is the target audience and what do they want? How
are the HTML pages clustered and inter-related?”


A couple of pointers on suggest that high tech product design could take some pointers from the usability mania that’s recently hit the web.

US News: Overwhelmed by Tech.
So with the technology industry enduring its first bear market since gadgets
became the hot new thing, many companies are scrambling to find out why
consumers aren’t falling in love with the latest stuff. The answer? Most folks
are still trying to figure out how to work the devices they already have.

US News: Words to live by from an apostle of simplicity.
Jeff Hawkins, chairman of Handspring. The first time I used a WAP phone was a
couple of years ago. I decided right then and there that it was never going to
succeed. There’s no way they can make it good. Someone once told me it took
them 27 steps to get on the Internet.


Southern Comfort’s Internet Hangover
A parody gets mistaken as the real thing…

dave points out this article,saying “it’s about real
networks plug in and how they hide the free plugin when you land on their
site.” they do charge for a subscriptions, so this is only good if you have a subscription to wall street journal already.
On Christmas Eve, guest columnist Lewis Perdue wasn’t cursing RealNetworks’
low share price, but rather its hard-sell marketing efforts.

Dot-coms unionizing? maybe.
Union Vote at Dot-Com Company Postponed
Dot-Com Is Set for a Union Vote
(free Registration required.)

Okay, I’m reaching here:
Killer shrimp


What time is it??

a very pretty site– but this guy has got to bite the bullet and get off tripod. the pop-up ads are annoying. it gets ugly once you have a half dozen open the designer launched, plus a new one from tripod every time you follow a link.

I love star wars fan films and I’m not ashamed to say so
(I’m not even a star wars fan)

Tremendously amusing site of home brewed internet broadcasting.
Jeff @ The House,

Alfred W. Bush: