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From: Gleanings To: italians Subject: Gleanings: more words than you can shake a stick at OPENING THANG My […]

From: Gleanings
To: italians
Subject: Gleanings: more words than you can shake a stick at


My big news du jour is that I got an article published on
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Good article at this morning on the complexities of computers and technologies.

In it, mark hurt points to this quote from a salon article, which I dig a lot:

“A culture of carelessness seems to have taken over in high-tech
America. The personal computer is a shining model of
unreliability because the high-tech industry today actually
exalts sloppiness as a modus operandi.”

from xblog–
The Seven Qualities of Highly Successful Web Writing
“In future articles I’ll write about each one separately, but here’s the
list in brief: Clarity, Relevance, Brevity, Scanability and readability,
Consistency, Freedom from errors, Good integration with the site design.”


from webmonkey, a suite of useful browser articles

“Will Browsers Ever Not Suck?

… and …

Why Browsers Haven’t Standardized

… and, as a warning, this, which wouldn’t be necessary if all those
browsers had only done it right in the first place:

The Browser Chart ”


Business Week: vs. Amazon: This Race Isn’t Even Close.
Trouble is, the case for Amazon getting crushed by Wal-Mart doesn’t stand up
when you do some side-by-side comparing of their Web sites. What’s wrong with Put simply, it settles for taking orders for the products people
come looking for rather than enticing them to buy things…

Some former Microsoft “permatemps” will have a little extra dough to
pay off their holiday Visa bills. Microsoft will pay about $97 million
to compensate 8,000 to 12,000 long-term temporary employees for the
stock-purchase plan they never had.

Adweek: Estee Lauder, Excite Settle Lawsuit.
The dispute stemmed from a lawsuit that Estee Lauder filed in January 1999
accusing Excite, a popular Internet search engine, of selling advertising
rights to “keywords” such as “Estee Lauder” and “Origins,” both Estee Lauder
brand names, to other fragrance and cosmetics retailers.


I love this play (it came as today’s media nugget). Anyone who cares about the power of language should read Stoppard. well, I think so.


Andi writes–

“I just wrote to one of the two Principles of bytelevel to inform
them that a link was broken. Surely they have better things to do
and most certainly there is someone better to contact, but I have
no idea who they are and how to contact them.
The link is if you follow the article it
takes you to which has a broken
image link on it.
My observation is this…
recently there seems to be a new trend in which websites are
omitting the (call it whatever you like) webmaster link to inform
the company that a link is no longer functioning correctly.”

I quite agree. more and more websites are making it harder for users to talk to them, when they should be doing the opposite.

mike writes–

“>mike “the finger” monterio

monteiro. monterio would be Italian.”

Sorry for making you Italian, Miguel. Repatriatism happens.