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From: Gleanings To: Great Minds Subject: Gleanings: Fat and Sassy OPENING THANG We got a big Gleanings today, […]

From: Gleanings
To: Great Minds
Subject: Gleanings: Fat and Sassy


We got a big Gleanings today, due to a good Tomalak, a kicking Nua Internet Survey and lots of liveliness on the lists I’m on. Enjoy!

Lots of good lively discussion on CHI-WEB this morning.

There’s this on copyrights online

“A good starting place to read about online copyright issues is Brad
Templeton’s “10 Big Myths about copyright explained” at – it was originally
written with Usenet postings in mind but also applies to the web.

Then there is the Copyright FAQ which is supposed to be at but isn’t – you can find an old version
Meanwhile there’s another FAQ at ”

And some great posts on html newsletters, both from a technical and a usability point of view.

Speaking of email, Email marketing to be worth USD4.5 billion. That’s some moolah.


IDC Research: Daily email output to reach 35 billion


IBM Developer: The user experience.
Designers learned a great deal through 15 years of evolving the graphical user
interface. It certainly isn’t perfect, but its evolution has all but stopped.
In many cases Web designers are repeating past sins when they blindly adopt
GUI approaches for Web-based applications.

Survey shows that sites, like Americans, are overweight
News release from Zona Research


Red Herring: says execute, don’t innovate.
A month and a half ago, his company launched a redesigned Web site, touting
some new features, most notably live chat help, but largely things that
already are de rigueur in e-commerce, such as improved search features, better graphics, and streamlined checkout.

New York Times: PC market shows signs of saturation

BizReport: Russian ecommerce market set to soar
Russian ecommerce revenue is set to increase ninefold in the coming
year, according to a new study from International Data Corp. (IDC).

BBC Online Network: UK is ecommerce leader
UK businesses lead the world in Internet transactions, according to a
recent UK Government survey.

Boston Consulting Group: Ecommerce skyrockets in Latin America
Online retailing in Latin America will be worth USD580 million in 2000,
an increase of 400 percent from last year.


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is set to lead the broadband revolution,
according to a new report by Cahners In-Stat Group.
Subscribers to the high-bandwidth connection will grow from 4.5 million
this year to 64.7 million by 2004. New subscriptions will increase by
71 percent next year to 7.7 million.,10738,2638773,00.html

Wired News: Gnutella Development Gnotted.
The open-source heir apparent to Napster may not survive long enough to claim the crown. Conflict from within the open-source family of developers creating Gnutella, and not its current technical difficulties, could be the file-
sharing network’s downfall.,1282,39420,00.html

Media Metrix: US Napster use soars
With over 8 percent of home users now hooking up to Napster, the
program is the fastest-growing home software application ever.

The Register: SDMI was cracked, and is doomed: count on it.
Chiariglione’s outburst to Inside is entirely consistent with this, and by a bizarre and miraculous coincidence the RIAA announced it was starting development of its own digital ID system on the day of the SDMI plenary meeting that did/didn’t discuss the results of the tests.

“It’s official — people are bored with Internet hype. They don’t want to hear another word about a dotcom startup, and they reckon a discussion about the Internet is about as interesting as listening to someone describing the features of their new vacuum cleaner.”
Catherine McDonnell in ‘World Wide Yawn’