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From: Gleanings To: good boys and girls Subject: Gleanings: also I’d like my two front teeth OPENING THANG […]

From: Gleanings
To: good boys and girls
Subject: Gleanings: also I’d like my two front teeth


My Christmas list looks about the same as Scott Rosenberg’s.

Salon: All I want for Christmas is … an e-mail program that works.
Scott Rosenberg.

except I’d like to add a request for an end to all interstitials. Even with DSL I can still close those nasty little windows before the content loads in them. I don’t think I’m the only one.

“We Now Interrupt Your Browsing for This Commercial Message,”


found in inbox
> Much of the literature on information architecture talks about the
> relationship between graphic design, and cognitive psychology in the
> design of information systems. Very few mention the relationship
> between information architecture and library and information
> science. I’d like to share a piece written by one of my professors
> in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science of the
> University of Texas where he discusses information architecture and
> relates it to library and information science. The article is
> located at


Industry Standard: The Nightmare Before Christmas.
If you’re a major online retailer pumped up for the 2000 holiday season, the
last thing you need is some administrative snafu that suspends your main URL
and bars online shoppers from your Web site. Last Wednesday, Dec. 13, that’s
exactly what happened to,1151,20961,00.html

blog reader know I have “issues” with B&N, so I’m giggling right now. (read “burning a hole in my inbox” before “the sequel” Dang reverse chorological blog organization)


> On the other hand, if you want to see an *excellent* use of Flash, visit
> Lake Wobegon stuff at


me (in gleanings)

I know in France the number of folks who use the internet (as opposed to
minitel) went up dramatically once the ISP’s went to flat rate unlimited
access. the charge for local calls still hampers them, though….


A small update for you : I am one of the few that pioneered “free access”,
that is NO monthly fee, the caller paying the local calls to his telco
(France Telecom). I am one of the VERY few that pioneered “all-in-one
access” that is NO monthly fee, the caller paying US the locals calls at a
substantially lower price.

This has increased like HELL the number of subscribers (If the investors I
was trying to convince as early as September 94 knew this we wouldn’t have
waited until late 98 to get our funding 😉 / All French offers started in
early 99, following freeserve (UK) mid 98 launch.
Then marketing suggested that we go further and today you can find offers
like 0 FrenchFranc with 4 free hours (low rate local call applies above
these 4 hours)

A few ISPs tried flat rate unlimited access, local calls included BUT they
loose way too much money 🙂