From: Gleanings To: e.people Subject:

From: Gleanings To: e.people Subject: Gleanings: Funny Friday OPENING THANG It’s Friday, so I’ll start with a laugh: […]

From: Gleanings
To: e.people
Subject: Gleanings: Funny Friday


It’s Friday, so I’ll start with a laugh: Interface Humor…

Everybody’s favorite whipping boy is back.

“Just in time for Halloween, online fashion e-retailer is being
resurrected from the ashes of its spectacular flame-out earlier this

Shouldn’t they say, just in time for April Fool’s?

I can’t help but wonder, will Boo learn from the tons of articles pointing to bad usability as a partial cause for their failure, or will they just continue their merry way?


New Alertbox…

“The Web requires us to reverse the traditional direction of marketing.
Instead of messages that a company generates when it wants to reach its
customers, request marketing establishes a connection when the users
ask for it. Request marketing is especially suited for the
mobile Internet where intrusive messages are especially aggravating.
Permission marketing is no longer enough to satisfy customers:
request marketing is the next wave.”


From Tomalak, the Standard

Salon: SDMI cracked!
All of the Secure Digital Music Initiative’s watermarks — its much ballyhooed
music protection scheme — have been broken. According to off-the-record
sources, the results of the Hack SDMI contest are in and not one single
watermark resisted attack.

News.Com: RIAA to develop “digital bar code” for online music.
The record industry’s trade association said Thursday that it will develop a
system for identifying digital music, an effort that could help it protect
downloads from labels and find songs posted illegally online.

Guardian Unlimited: Kerbango tango.
“It looks and works like a radio, but it’s an internet radio, so instead of
picking up just 20 stations, it could pick up 20,000,” says James Gable, the
president of Kerbango. “And it does it without using a personal computer!”,3605,380866,00.html

“Pure-plays are dead” was the rallying cry of e-retail beat writers
this week, judging from the number who, encouraged perhaps by a market
sell-off, flocked to debunk the dot-com “myth” of the first-mover

Why Wine Exports Need the Net,2936,115-2185,00.html


Found a cool new tool… really only good if you have a personal site built the old fashioned way gives you a search engine and a site map. Look for it on EH shortly…

Also, cool link checker here


Webmonkey is all about mars… and so am I

Mars’ First Colonists: Roaches?,1282,39389,00.html/eg20001012

The Physics and Biology of Making Mars Habitable Conference

is E.piphany not one of the worst names ever? Why did they take a perfectly good work like epiphany and dotcom it in such a brutal fashion? And there URL doesn’t even reflect the goofy spelling… breaks, as does but works. Bah. Off to F*cked Company…