From: Gleanings To: Damp Ones

From: Gleanings To: Damp Ones Subject: Gleanings: anyone got an umbrella? OPENING THANG short one today. it’s moving […]

From: Gleanings
To: Damp Ones
Subject: Gleanings: anyone got an umbrella?


short one today. it’s moving day for Carbon IQ, and I gotta go schlep boxes in the rain….

***Get well rounded


***Wired News: Follow Your E-Mail Everywhere.
Both scenarios are possible, thanks to services that track when and where
e-mail messages are read without the recipient’s knowledge. The technology has
long been used by online marketers to determine who reads their spam; now it’s
available to consumers as well.,1282,41686,00.html

***InfoWorld: The next generation of Web site interfaces.
Q&A with Nick Gould, CEO of Catalyst Design Group. As the medium matures,
you’re going to have fewer sites serving more people, as well as serving more
user groups, and [the sites are] going to need to learn how to more
effectively target their product offering to those groups based on what [the
customers] really want and need.

***A hole in macy’s balloon: When Macy’s issued online coupons last
month, the company gave away more than it bargained for. When
customers started broadcasting that errors in the system would allow
people to combine offers, Macy’s was stuck selling merchandise for as
much as 50 percent off. While its faulty coupon system is to blame for
the problems, customers discovered that orders made with
“unauthorized” coupons would not filled. Other major online retailers
have experienced similar problems recently, complications that should
result in a more careful review of online coupons as a viable
marketing tactic.


***Poorer media? Although the arguments behind the wider adoption of rich
media ads are well known – better experience for the user, more
revenue for the industry, greater creative flexibility – barriers
still remain. The lack of industry standards for rich-media placements
means that each campaign must be created anew, complete with ramp up
costs and people hours. And while the brand experience available
through rich-media ads is arguably superior, the CPM for rich-media
impressions can be more than twice that of traditional banners. An
alliance headed by Macromedia looks to solve some of these problems.

***Spamford and Sons: So-called Spam King Sanford Wallace is at it again.
The dethroned king of unsolicited e-mail and former president of spa
firm Cyber Promotions has found a new way to force his clients’ wares
upon irritated users. Borrowing a page from the Internet porn
industry, Wallace has created two sites that launch as many as three
new browser windows when users try to exit – forcing his message upon
users again and again. While such questionable marketing tactics are
nothing new from Spamford, they may find wider acceptance as more
mainstream sites become increasingly desperate for users.


***please help

***don’t you wish *your* CPU had a cigarette lighter (see photos)

***happy machine

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