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From: Gleanings To: cheerleaders everywhere Subject: Gleanings: I’m Baaaack OPENING THANG I’m baaack! Big kudos to Noel for […]

From: Gleanings
To: cheerleaders everywhere
Subject: Gleanings: I’m Baaaack


I’m baaack! Big kudos to Noel for his excellent stand-in job. His piece on automated testing I found particularly interesting. Then I came across this link

Useit.Com: Retaining Key Staff: What High-Tech Employees Say versus What They Do.
The most important finding in the study was that what employees say will keep
them in the company is quite different from those factors that actually
determine whether they quit. We have seen similar findings in many other
studies of very different issues…

Self-reporting is a key problem, and I suspect one that automated testing with its reliance on surveys will never be able to overcome.

anyhow, I’ll put a little something up on Morocco on one of the sites later in the week. it was one hella big adventure…


Cooper occasionally designs a concept piece to show the benefits of good
interaction design: The Wayfinder is a PDA application that helps people
find services in airports.

Shoot . I wanted to do this!


CNET: Media feasted on dead dotcoms in 2000
Dotcoms that failed in 2000 were more likely to receive media coverage
when they closed than while they were still in business.

Darwin: Get Over It!
David Weinberger. Now, of course, it’s all different. You get your information
electronically, not on glossy paper. You hunt it down yourself, rather than
waiting for it to be delivered to you. But the biggest change is deeper than
that: The Web has broken the corporate monopoly on information.

Dylan Tweney: The real Slim Shady.
The fact is, Napster’s just a symptom of a larger issue: online copying.
Whether it’s Napster, Gnutella, or what have you, there will always be some
technology giving copyright lawyers fits, because like it or not, the Internet
is all about copying stuff.

more at


i’m late on this, but forgive me, i’ve been in morocco.

all your base belong to us– don’t try to figure it out, head straight for
video 1.
vincent defends the meme

as kirk so aptly put it,
“the best movie in the history of civilization”
a bunch of us goofy folks who are either in long distance relationships or
are single we watched “Bring It On” on valentine’s day. If there are great
date movies, then there are also great group movies where a ton of folks can
watch something together. I place this in that family.
interview with the director

404 of the day
from jhp
wait for it!