Designer Founder Class Week Three

This week I was off to Amsterdam to present Executioner’s Tale at Interactions 14. The lovely Ms Erin Malone substituted for me, taking the students through personas and Empathy maps. Here is the material covered.


Feb 4th Empathy Maps and Personas

Present: 5-10 minutes on what your business is, your hypothesis on your Business Model Canvas is and your findings

Do an empathy map
Watch Steve Blank on Archetypes
Discuss: how are customer archetypes different from personas? Are they?

Create Personas/Archetypes for customer segments.

Feb 6th

Watch Painkillers
Shape Hypothesis on what the problem is for your customers. Create a testing plan for this

Chapter 2, UX for Lean Startups
The Customer Development

Again, find 5 users each to validate archetypes and validate pain
Do competitor research. BMC 1 competitor/complimenter each.
Update your blog/wiki/journal