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a new comment on table manners just makes me very very sad. I feel for my husband… he’s […]

a new comment on table manners just makes me very very sad.

I feel for my husband… he’s not a Chirac fan. I know when I went to Europe at the time of the first Bush, people would ask me why my president did what he did. I’m sure if I went now, I’d get the same. I never know what to say– and neither does Philippe.

When I was much younger I used to joke that I hated the French, because everyone needs to have an other to hate, and the french already hated everyone so they wouldn’t mind. I didn’t really hate them, though I did view them with suspicion. I couldn’t really believe that no one is Paris understood me when I asked “ooo-ay lee sally de bane.” They must be messing with my head– everyone knows how stuck up they are.

I’m sad to think that the behavior I forgave in Spain I was agreved by in France. We have a lot of hang-ups about French people. They stink, they eat everything disgusting, they chase our women, drench themselves in colognes and chain smoke… do we still think of Irish as lazy? Polish as dumb?

Then, fate begin as she is, I fell in love with a Frenchman, met his friends and family and discovered the French are… well, humans. Smart, dumb, shy, brave, proud, humble and so on. Maybe a few more proud than humble, but still… they could claim the same of us. What is patriotism but pride?

Hate for the French as a people is racism. Let’s not pussyfoot around it. And if you have ever had a president you didn’t agree with, reconsider your attitudes toward the French people. You can hate Chirac or love him, but don’t hold him against the French people. He got a barely higher percentage of votes in his country than our president did here.

Hate the politics, love the people, hope the future will be a bit saner….


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    I support France’s position wholeheartedly. Our (US) using the UN to legitimize war while simultaneously making a mockery of the process is unconscionable. It’s a sad day.

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    I don’t hate the French. I just think they have a very short memory. They have about 28,000 of our dead soldiers in their cemetarys. These 28,000 warriors defended and helped preserve the French.

    Now we (The USA) ask for support and this is the thanks we get. Even if Chirac doesn’t want to support the war, he doesn’t have to be against us.

    He brings shame on his country and reinforces more hatred toward the French. All the while whining about how unfair it is that people hate the French.

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    While we are on the subject of short memories, how about the French saving our asses in the Revolutionary war by providing arms and soldiers?

    Helping to protect someone being threatened isn’t about how they are going to pay us back later. Part of freedom is being able to make up your own mind about a situation, and if the French aren’t in on it, that’s their business.

    I’m not French, and I have bristled at the disdain many French people show for Americans, but that is no excuse for condemning and entire country for a choice that goes against the USA.

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    I am a french woman, I don’t like much our president Chirac though I agree with his position. Now, the war is started I’m even more convinced. Not only the hundreds of innocent people who will be killed make me sad but also all this hatred towards people : americans and british hate french, french hate americans and british, muslims hate americans…it seems evereybody has to choose his camp.
    I’m scared that this war will push many muslims who feel attacked by America and hurt in their proud to extremism and terrorism. I’m convinced that it would have been better to help iraqian opposition to kick off Saddam Hussein. Because it comes from inside the country it would have been much more welcomed by iraqians and arabian countries. Most mulsims don’t trust America because America supports Israel fight against Palestinian people. How could they believe that America go on War to free the iraq people while the palestinians still don’t have a state. Bush should have fixed the palestinian problem before starting the war.

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