a makeover for eleganthack

My blog gets varying levels of love. Sometimes I’m posting all the time, sometimes a month or two goes by with nothing.  Let’s be honest; the siren call of twitter, not to mention the dozen other places on the web to post, means the blog is often the last stop.

So to keep this home alive to my activity, which never wanes, merely relocates, I’ve move to a lifestream theme. I’ve also taken this opportunity to move to wordpress, which I find more manageable. This part kinda breaks my heart, as I helped Ben and Mena shape an early cut of MT. However, it’s gone one direction, and is just too hard for me to manage with my limited time. The point of blogs is, after all, to focus on the writing, not the upkeep. After all, this is the fourth CMS I’ve used for eleganthack. One can’t be too sentimental.  And who knows, maybe we’ll do a blog version of PublicSquare and I’ll have a fifth.

So hopefully this ushers in a new era, of less spam, working comments and most of all lots more content.