Gleanings: Brought to You from the Glamourous Excelsior

From: Gleanings
To: the old hood
Subject: Gleanings: Brought to You from the Glamourous Excelsior

I moved over the weekend, thus the period of silence. I’m now a resident of the sleepy excelsior district.

Making Tips Work

I never thought I’d say this, but “cool splash page man

What happens when you keep getting instant messages from strangers? Well, you hook it up to an artificial intelligence, of course.
the news storythe webpage

from tracy: maybe this will get europe more online.
Internet Access with Nopay

the message seeks a medium (from tomalak)
NewMedia: Ideas As Objects.
Scott McCloud. Yet, even though my profession (cartooning) grew out of paper and ink, I’m not a print loyalist. I’m prepared to switch as soon as print’s strengths are improved upon by other technologies, and that threshold is approaching fast.

Useit.Com: From February 1995; The Future of Hypertext

Wired News: How Got All Dolled Up.
Their job began about 10 months ago. Every two weeks, the diverse group of
computer-savvy girls from Los Angeles, New Jersey, and San Francisco received
screenshots through email from Cheskin Research, Mattel’s partner in the

a friend writes:
> I feel it is my professional obligation to mention that my friend
> the IA put an apple tart recipe in her IA newsletter and forgot
> to mention in the ingredients list that there are apples in it.

it’s true. takes 8 or so apples.