Why the heck is it so hard to archive mail. it’s in everyone’s interest– since doing so encourages […]

Why the heck is it so hard to archive mail. it’s in everyone’s interest– since doing so encourages you to upgrade the computer or the software… why is it so hard?


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    jeremy hunsinger

    it really isn’t that hard. i archive alot of mail, and the process is simple, just set a filter that does the last so many days, sends that to a mailbox then archive and zip the folder, date stamp, it and voila, you are done. it can be done in an apple script…. if you want it search able, just don’t zip it.

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    jeremy hunsinger

    you live and die with the choice of your interface and operating system. if you want things to be easy you choose certain ones, and if you want to play games, and crash alot, you choose other ones, but that’s just my opinon.

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    a long time ago i chose to live and die wiht my end users. I have always used the same OS and tools used by 90% of the folks I design for.

    now I’ve been on win so long, when I tried to go mac, I couldn’t take the pain and frustration of the switch. I hated the mac– i coudln’t find my files, my programs, couldn’t figure out how to use anything.

    save yourself– it may be too late for me.

    btw, the mac process outlined above did not sound simple– possible, but not simple. I dream of a “archive mail” button that then tells me where it put the archive and how to back it up to change computers….

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    Dick Ettema

    I agree with you, Christina, Mac isn’t the solution nor the problem. A lack of true even commercial interest in email-backup is. I make a backup each month of the window map that contains the (email) dbx files [most haven’t ever seen that map] for future sake. And make a print of important mails and, I copy the text to a wordperfect file. Praised be the day I can print them all at once in stead of one by one. Praised be the he or she who even comes with the software to preserve millions and millions of valuable writings. Have I said that he or she will become in no time as rich as Bill Gates. He or she should be. Hoi.

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    =v= There are third-party products to archive mail for both Outhouse and Outhouse Express. Perhaps one of these days enough people will pick the best one that Microsoft will acquire the company and announce its technology as their newest “innovation.” They will, of course, corrupt all archives and implement new vectors for virii with V2.0 of the product.

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