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    This is not exactly a newsreader, but I highly recommend you check it out.

    In 2002 my favorite killer app was Compass for bookmarking.

    This year, my by far all-time favorite tool is Trillian Pro. It combines all instant messaging clients, AND offers customizable RSS feed links.

    While very much less flexible and feature-rich than your good RSS readers, it pops up an fade-in/out alert every time a new item is posted to any RSS feed. This keeps you up to date with what’s happening while you work. It may be a bit too busy and twitchy for you, but you might check it out. The fact that I can combine my IM, news, RSS, weather, stocks, etc. into my own customized world makes me use this as an “RSS alerter” much more than the other RSS readers.

    Hope that helps

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    Jay Goldman

    If you’re a Mac OS X user, I can’t recommend NetNewsWire enough. Not only is it a news aggregator of unsurpassed quality, but the forthcoming pro version includes the ability to post to your own blog as well (provided it’s run using MovableType, Blogger, Bloxom, or other Blogger API compatible software). The Pro version is currently in public beta and is freely available from the Ranchero site, but will be sold when released. The normal version will always be free.

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    Scott Klettke

    I know I’m very late in posting a reply but…

    AmphetaDesk does a great job of organizing RSS feeds. It runs as a service in the background and then you just use any web browser and goto http://localhost:8888 and then you will connect to AmphetaDesk and have be able to add RSS feeds that you want to watch.


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