What is more unusual than business as usual

from Harvard Gazette: Overworked interns prone to medical errors

“On the traditional schedule, interns were on duty an average of 85 hours per week, including two extended shifts lasting 30 consecutive hours or more. Then they switched to so-called intervention schedules, where they enjoyed 20 hours a week less work, about six hours a week more sleep, and continuous shifts of “only” 16 hours.

The result was dramatic.

“Interns made 36 percent more serious medical errors during a traditional work schedule than during an intervention schedule that eliminated extended work shifts,” notes Charles Czeisler, Baldino Professor of Sleep Medicine. “These included 21 percent more serious medication errors and 5.6 times as many serious diagnostic errors.””

Including an intern trying to put a tube in the wrong lung. What the heck? Why does this ridiculous practice continue? What could be dumber… wait, I know. an ex-start-up thinking it’s employees need to continue working 16 hour days despite the fact their workforce is reaching parenthood age, and retention is at an all-time low. hmmm.

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