i’m on caltrain, trying to blog on my new treo 600. as service fades in and out, it […]

i’m on caltrain, trying to blog on my new treo 600. as service fades in and out, it should be a fun experiment.
i’m mad for my treo, but as philippe points out to my chagrin, i’m often in love with a new device. the clie was my darling breifly, until shoddy utility underneath flashy designwas revealed in use. I loved the cabriolrt until I realized a roomy backseat didn’t make up for soft stearing or lack of pick up. farfegnugen, where art thou?
yet the wins are so fine I go into each purchase like a little girl: this will be a miata, a pentax s100, an elph… this will be a bit of technological delight that will not only make me feel okay about dropping my dough but redeem my profession: DESIGN! that is what I hope. my finger will grow accustomed to the tight spaced keys and my network will grow and load time will improve… it’s what allows early adapters to adapt.
only the worst products take the roses from our eyes, while the best form our bed.


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    Lawrence Krubner

    It’s an act of professional development to fall in love with things if you are a designer, or love work with designers. And it’s human to love art, and good design is art. I love new things too, when they are done well.

    But to fall out of love is just as important as the falling in love. I think the important thing is to note why it happens, as you seem to do.

    I don’t believe in the perfect object, any more than I believe in the perfect mate. Look at the object long enough, use it long enough, and you will begin to see the engineering compromises.

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    I’m still in love with my Treo 600. Just got it in August. I have wordpress and love that I can post from it. Too Cool! And Lawrence, I think you have hit the nail on the head.

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