Time to Hustle for SXSW votes

It’s that time of year again– time for all us hopeful panelists to bag for votes. The field […]

It’s that time of year again– time for all us hopeful panelists to bag for votes. The field is more crowded each year, I swear. This year is no exception: 700 offerings!!!

BUT I think I’ve got some offerings that will inspire you to click through and vote yes, I can’t live without seeing Christina’s panel on X, Y AND Z!!!!!

Designing Social Media: Interface Tricks and Tips

We all know the core concepts — Identity, Presence, Relationships, etc — but how do these manifest themselves in our design choices? From avatars or log-in pages, a million tiny choices make the difference between lively community and crickets chirping. We’ll teach you how to make social software social!

From Designer to Founder: Starting Your Own Company!
We’ve all dreamed of starting our own company, where design would matter and things would be done right. Christina Wodtke discovered nothing was as it seemed. She made usability blunders, launched bad designs and felt utterly helpless — and loved every minute of it. Get the real skinny on the start-up life!

Barbarians at the Gate: User Generated Content and Traditional Media
Digg, Facebook, MySpace and Blogs are on the rise, and traditional newspapers and magazines are in trouble. Yet attempts are citizen journalism have yet to provide real competitions. Will tomorrow bring a revolution in media, or are the established players untouchable? And if there is a revolution, what will it look like (and who gets lined up against the wall?)

Get thee to a voting booth!