Raising Money to Provide a Meaningful Internship for a Student

I’ve never tried anything like this, but I’m using GoFundMe to provide an internship for a student. Please check it out. Feel free to tweet questions to @cwodtke

I started Women Talk Design in 2013 because I was tired of conference organizers saying, “There aren’t any female speakers who are (able to talk about this topic/available/any good/insert excuse here.)

I wanted to make a site that would take away excuses, and make it easy for organizers to find women speakers, check out their speaking abilities and contact them. I’ve been adding a woman here and there and I now have 78. It’s been slow (since I have a job and am a mom) but the site is beginning to be useful.

I teach at California College of the Arts. This year some of my students weren’t able to find internships, which they need to graduate…. read more