Pencil Me In

Working with Pictures was so well received, I decided to do a “real” book.  Eight months later (a.k.a. wednesday)  I sent it to the copy editor and interior designer to give it the old spit and polish.

Clever Kate Rutter came up with a bunch of names, and insightful Dan Roam picked from our list. The new book will be called



It now sports mini-essays and drawings from Dan Roam, Sunni Brown, David Gray, Erin Malone, Stephen P. Anderson, Alicia Loring, Stone Librande, Daniel Cook, Tyler Reese, Cristina Negrut, Mike Rohde, Robin Hunicke, Raph Koster, Andrew Reid, Rolf Faste, Marc Bourguignon, Daryl Meier Fahrni, Brian Gulassa, Alex Osterwalder, Noel Stransky, Eva-Lotta Lam, James Young, Giorgia Lupi, Matthew Magain, Melissa Kim, Aleksandra Micek (my students!), Amelie Sarrazin (my kid!)… and it’s now 164 pages. Whew!

As promised, everyone who bought the original Working with Pictures will get a digital version of the second edition in pdf.

If you want to know when the official book is out (kindle, epub and most importantly for this book, print!) sign up for my notifications list. I almost never post, so it’s pretty painless to be part of it.

Until then, keep drawing!