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    Jared Spool

    I’m assuming this is your sister.

    I guess it could be your mother, but I’m having trouble getting my head around that notion — my mother wouldn’t ever utter many of the nouns found on that page.

    I guess it also could be your daughter. But I find that even more difficult to get my head around.

    Either way, I see the family resemblence in the writing. I wonder if it comes out in other ways…


    p.s. I guess it could just be an alter ego…

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    Chad Lundgren

    This post brings up what’s sort of a ongoing issue of mine: it seems related to what the linguistic types like to call dialect prejudice. Not that, despite trying, I am immune to said prejudice, I hasten to add. An example I didn’t give in the post I just linked to is how much the construction “Why don’t we set down and talk about it.” bothers me. You set things down, not people.

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