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    An elusive guy, this Joe Stewart. All sorts of site redirects, articles in other emags and etc. but no real identifying page that I can find, including his fictitious site extralucky.com.

    Tried to notify him to ask him the following (admittedly obsessive-compulsive) questions:

    1. Am I a lunkhead, or does this box not fit together? One of the sides (either the bottom of top, not sure which. It’s the topmost square in the layout.) is not square; one side is slightly – but significantly – longer than its corresponding edge (11 pixels or ~1/6 inch at 72ppi). It is too much to be accounted for by paper thickness.

    2. Is that the top lid, or the bottom base?

    If it’s the base, then we’re supposed to glue the lid shut, according to the ‘glue here’ icon.

    If it’s the lid, what is the purpose of the thumb cutout at the opposite edge? It will just be glued to the base anyway.

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