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On peterme.com, Peter contemplates evil VC and Evil Jargon. Let’s play a little game: match the jargon to […]

On peterme.com, Peter contemplates evil VC and Evil Jargon.

Let’s play a little game: match the jargon to the company.


match the quotes

company is a business and technology consultancy built to deliver explicit, high-value business outcomes for our clients. Strategy and experience-based design. Deep technology expertise and broad implementation skills. Global distributed delivery. A fixed-time, fixed-price approach. We bring all these together to rapidly and reliably deliver the solutions and the value required at the intersection of advanced technology and the enterprise.”

company is an e-business consulting and development company that delivers innovative Internet-based solutions and applications for Global 1000 companies and other global, forward-thinking businesses. Our strategy, creative, and technology professionals provide specialized e-business development expertise across the full vertical organization of seven industry groups: Automotive and Manufacturing, Communications and High Tech, Consumer Goods and Retail, Energy, Financial Services, Media and Entertainment, and the Service Industries.”

company ‘s global leadership empowers our clients with strategic, creative, and technology e-Business know-how that enables them to reach their true market potential.

Widely acknowledged as the global industry leader, company is helping blue chip clients and industry pioneers create e-Business success in a rapidly changing market.”

company is a global digital services firms focused on delivering premium business solutions resulting in a positive measured impact to our clients’ business performance”

“We’re a leading e-business builder in global markets. We provide interactive strategy, branding, technology, and marketing services that help you grow your interactive business, empower knowledge sharing, and drive marketing initiatives. Our solutions cover all digital channels—Web, mobile, and interactive television—and prepare you for the changes the future will bring.”

“What do we do?

We create extraordinary results for clients through business innovation.

company delivers real results for clients, using extensive eBusiness experience to reduce cost and create new revenue opportunities.”

“In a global marketplace distinguished by remarkable growth and consolidation, companies face a host of new challenges in today’s economy. “company helps clients successfully respond to changing opportunities by providing professional services, wherever and whenever they’re needed.”

company is a consulting and implementation services firm that enables companies to harness the power of technology to increase customer value, reduce costs and achieve operational efficiency”

“Leveraging the expertise and contacts gained through our network of portfolio companies, we provide experience and resources needed to speed companies online with reduced risk and increased odds of success right out of the gate. We help tomorrow keep its promise.”

“Our mission

We strive to build relationships and develop innovative solutions which help dynamic people and organizations create and realize value.”

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I guess they could have taken the novo attitude, and shown nothing on the site…


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    I think the lack of comments here attests that this is way too funny and way too true. Oh, and thanks for sparing my company 🙂

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