interface design book?

What’s your favorite book on designing interfaces, either web or software?

What’s your favorite book on designing interfaces, either web or software?


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    Andrei Herasimchuk

    I think Bob Baxley’s Making the Web Work is good for browser based applications. It is clear and straight-forward. A good book for any person looking to get into that sort of design work.

    Overall though, I have yet to find a good book on interface design in general. In fact, I’m always disappointed by the lack of good books on my chosen profession. (And yes, that includes Alan Cooper’s work.)

    I still find myself gravitating towards more classic design books for inspiration, or ideas to rework into interface design concepts. Edward Tufte, Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, I even found Peter Saville’s new book to quite something to grab ideas from.

    I’ll admit that I have not yet read your book. My wife Donna bought it three weeks ago. I have only read the first chapter though, so I need to get through it before I can have an opinion on it. 8^)

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    Shep McKee

    From a pure design perspective, I’ve been very impressed with both About Face 2.0 and GUI Bloopers, although the latter is due for an update (Jeff?). There’s been a surge in interest lately in interaction patterns, and I’m hoping that someone will compile a text on interaction anti-patterns. In my opinion, much of GUI Bloopers is essentially interaction anti-patterns, so an update would be especially nice.

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    I can’t say that I have one favorite interface design book. However, I remember going through Lynch and Horton’s Web Style Guide on an almost daily basis when I first started to get serious about web design.

    Also, one book that really isn’t an interface design book but has had a deep influence on my design philosophy is John Carroll’s The Nurnberg Funnel.

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    I’ll have to second Lynch and Horton. It was a cornerstone of design desk for many years. But, just now, looking at my bookshelf, it’s nowhere to be seen. I’ll have to find it. Timeless references like that are good mojo to keep around, even if you don’t look at them anymore.

    Otherwise, my favorite book for designing interfaces is Norman’s (poorly designed) Design Of Everyday Things. It says everything.

    About Face 2.0 is good, and I’ve been eyeing that Web Patterns book for a while, but nothing really hit me the way Norman did.

    I can’t wait for his new one.

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