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it must be Copenhagen. This little house in Christiania epitomizes the critical Danish value of “coziness.” I arrived […]

it must be Copenhagen. This little house in Christiania epitomizes the critical Danish value of “coziness.”

I arrived Saturday night from Oslo, and have been comfy in Caroline and Lars’ house, the Danish IA and Programmer couple who have caring for me in the most lovely healing way possible- red wine and home cooking, and a cozy bed near a wood stove. The travel wearyness has been vanishing from me quickly, though tomorrow I’m back to the road, off to Aalborg.

Yesterday Caroline showed me Copenhagen, and we walked through Christiania. It’s a fascinating place, a squatter town in the heart of Copenhagen made up of hippies, with the cannabis and colorful decor (and preponderance of brown rice) that goes with it. It was born in the 1970’s and the residents consider themselves a separate country of sorts, in which they pay no taxes, and have their own self-ruled society, which does a excellent job of staying environmentally friendly, providing for all residents and raising families collaboratively.

entering Christiania

leaving Christiania (“you are now entering the EU”)

Caroline tells me the city government is trying to remove them– the land is too valuable to leave to hippies who paid not a dime for it. And this would be a sad thing, as it is both a tourist attraction and thus a source of money, a fun corner of the city that has a unruly almost anti-Scandinavian lack of orderly design and a good break for the residents, and provides some wild areas with nature which all cities need. As well as some quirky hand built houses (though maybe not so quirky to those of us who drive around the hills outside of Silicon valley, where the last of the magic bus folks still reside…).

This one seems ready to resist attack, built up on a stone foundation with ladder access on the side.

This one I would be happy to live in… looks cozy!
Official site of Christiania

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    Did you happen to/are you going to see Eric Reiss while in Copenhagen? If so, say hi for me!
    Posted by joe at November 29, 2004 08:09 AM


    The little house actually epitomize the concept of ‘hygge’
    (coziness). In spite of what many people think, ‘hygge’ is not only
    about being together drinking and eating. It is also about the gift of enjoying life creating a warm, caring and poetic atmosphere around you.

    Posted by Yvonne at December 3, 2004 10:37 AM


    Hi Christina.

    I hope you enjoyed Denmark 🙂

    Thomas (www.commonme.org) mentioned you where in Denmark,
    unfortunately a bit too late for me to join your conference at

    Let me know if you want to meet up the next time you visit Copenhagen.

    Best, Benjamin

    Posted by Benjamin Gundgaard at December 8, 2004 11:23 AM

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