How the Treo is changing me

It’s funny how technology changes you in small and unexpected ways. The integration of a camera into my […]

It’s funny how technology changes you in small and unexpected ways. The integration of a camera into my Treo has caused me to change how i communicate.

Like any good wife, I always call my husband upon arriving in a destination (as does he) but how much better is it to grab a snap as one rides in a taxi to one’s hotel?

He can also get a feel for where I am, I feel like he’s arrived with me.

Picture115_17Aug04.jpgHe’s also with me via the Treo during amazing moments.

Standing at the foot of the capitol on a rainy day, my breath was knocked out of me as the clouds parted and the sun lit up the Lincoln memorial.

Snap, share and Philippe messages back– “wow”.

I got to share my wow with him.

I can preview Asilomar to my friends who will be attending the retreat.

Victor and I traded images of our respective states on Sunday when I was at the beach, and he in the heart of NYC.

It’s a richer conversation, a better one.

Picture134_24Aug04.jpgAnd I can tease my dad about cool old cars I’ve seen. Or ask my sister advice about my outfit or send her a photo of a pair of cool shoes. Or ask my husband if he likes a shirt I see on sale.

I thought the camera in the phone was bullsh*t, useless and gadgetry, but every the simple camera in the Treo, which is far form the best one could hope for, is enough to do the one thing I need and appreciate.

it makes my conversations better.


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    I have had the same impression of cameras in phones–a product designed for everyone is a product that is designed for no one…or adding a phone to a camera creates a device that does both tasks poorly…sort of dancing bearware. But your experiences seem to say that there is a time/place for a camera that can send pictures immediately. Thanks for the note!

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    As for Asilomar, didn’t we have “tons” of photos from the first meeting. I know I had a ton of photos of in/around the area…and I think Mike had many as well. I think Thomas had one of a deer at his window.

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    Probably that’s cause I am italian but I would try to make sure that in the household we’re not going to use these devices – well let alone the fact I use a phone to phone and a camera to take pics n- these phones with 250 features no one uses seem to me an IA issue lol.

    Well, anyway I think the hint about *why* they should not be used in any household can be cahught lol. Today we can find them useful, tomorrow the cute gadget may cost us all our savings of a lifetime lol.


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