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Well, new front page, new blog-management tool, and probably a million bugs. please let me know about any […]

Well, new front page, new blog-management tool, and probably a million bugs.
please let me know about any and all problems. templates have *not* been extended into individual entries yet, but I have everything imported, so this puppy must go live.

everything broke today. I hit my disk quota, and cause both greymatter and MT to explode upon rebuild. greymatter may never recover. MT did, only because of the love that Benjamin Trott gave. donate today, and he’ll save your blog tomorrow…

anyhow, I will be finding and crushing bugs over the next few days, expanding the templates into the individual pages, and so on. why? because it’s my treat… write 500 words, build a template… everyone needs carrots.

among the benefits… a spellchecker. multiple format outputs. categories. soon search, and search by recent comment, if fooljay is to be trusted 😉

and so much more. I promise.

Gleanings is incorporated into the blog. I’ll be mailing out a weeks worth for gleans. When I did the survey, some folks liked them separate, but many more wanted them the same. Honestly, my busyness has trumped everyone– I can’t really do both as separate things. Luckily MT allows me to import everything into the mass.

As you can se the front page tells you if I’ve posted something new about the core of my site– IA, UX, etc. The blog continues to allow me a place to post all those silly things I trip over… apropos of nothing.

Yes, the site is all css. Again, much easier to maintain. I can create a plain html version if there is outcry for it. Again, bless MT.

Same for xml and rss and any other acronym you can think of. if enough people ask for it, I’ll look into it.

Anyhow, ask questions…. let me know if you like it, how you like it, how can I make it better… and so on.




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    Do not, under any circumstances, trust fooljay… Trust me. 😉

    By the way, the new design is strikingly beautiful in it’s simplicity and color choices. Nice job CW!

    That speel checker werks reeel good now too… 😉

  2. 6

    Omniweb doesn’t seem to like your new style sheet. There are a lot of elements getting drawn over others and obscuring some of your text. The search box is particularly egregious.
    Also, I’ve got to say I’m sad to see that the new style has a fairly substantial minumum window width. I browse in small windows, and this always bugs me.

  3. 7
    Paul Nattress

    Can I just say that I love the phraseology used in the “learn more” links that you have. I think it gives a much better message than “more…” or even “read more”.

  4. 8

    thanks, guys!

    I do have these two alternatives to css layouts
    table layout, css fonts

    text only (it’s actually the gleanings export I use for the mailing)(unfortunately there is no hack for individual entires in a different form)

    I just need to figure out where to link to them. I was thinking of using Owens’ ahem style for it… will that show up in omniweb?

  5. 9

    Hi Christina,

    Well done on the new site. It is a decent upgrade, particularly visually.
    1. How the hell do you get the time to do all this stuff??? (Actually don’t answer that – I would rather you didn’t re-consider it!)

    2. The column width of the page keeps shifting about 30 secs after downloading. This is a bit of a pain as the page length totally changes and I lose my place. Does this have to do with CSS?

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, d

  6. 10
    M Sinclair Stevens

    Omniweb doesn’t even render the standard MT templates well; it is not yet completely CSS-compliant (it especially has trouble with the div, unless div is defined with absolute positioning and OW doesn’t support borders at all). Full CSS compliance is on their roadmap for the next major release. They have a very responsive team there; anyone who uses OmniWeb and cares about Web standards might consider joining in the discussion on their mailing list–especially sending them examples of standards-compliant pages that don’t render well.

    Congrats on your new layout. And your great content.

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