he who is without sin

Come beat me for the crime of the Trail of Tears, for I have settler blood. Come scream […]

Come beat me for the crime of the Trail of Tears, for I have settler blood.

Come scream epithets at me for the crimes of slavery, for I have Dutch blood.

Come, tell me I deserve to die for crime of imperialism, for I have French blood.

Come throw rocks at me for the crime of the holocaust, for I have German blood.

Come spit on me for putting innocent Japanese-Americans in interment camps, for I am American.

Come defile my church, as my people did to black churches in Georgia, for I am American.

Come throw a Molotov cocktail at me for killing innocents children at Kent State, for I am American.

Come throw garbage at me for killing 35,000 women, children and older people in Dresden, for I am American.

Come traumatize my children for acts of terrorism, for I am native born American, just like Timothy McVeigh.

But do not, please do not, hurt Middle-Easterners and Muslims who have committed no crime beyond the one you have:

being born with the same blood as killers.

“In Brisbane, a schoolbus packed with Islamic children was damaged by stones and bottles and there had been abusive calls to mosques, said Queensland Islamic Council chairman Sultan Deen.”

“In Chicago, a Molotov cocktail was tossed Wednesday at an Arab-American community center. ”

“In Huntington, N.Y., a 75-year-old man who was drunk tried to run over a Pakistani woman in the parking lot of a shopping mall, police said.”

“Mosque windows were shattered in Texas, a New York man was arrested for an alleged anti-Arab threat, and a prison fight broke out over Muslim slurs in Washington state. ”

“In Suffolk County, N.Y., authorities arrested a man who allegedly made an anti-Arab threat and pointed a handgun at a gas station employee. ”

“In Asbury, N.J., Ramandeep Singh, a Sikh who wears a turban for religious reasons, said he had garbage and stones thrown at his car and stayed home from work. ”

“At the Kuwait Embassy in Washington, Tamara Alfson spent Wednesday counseling frightened Kuwaiti students attending schools across the United States. One student was told, “You should all die,” Alfson said. “


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    Please if you must do something use the Seals and the SAS to form a snatch squad, don’t knowingly risk world war against the whole of Islam. As a Christian I beg you, please.

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