Graphing Social: Facebook Business Models & Monetization panel

haiku introductions (I’m too slow to get it. they were funny.) I’m pooped after that last round of […]

haiku introductions
(I’m too slow to get it. they were funny.)

I’m pooped after that last round of live blogging. I’m going just note interesting points here…

adbrite: a facebook ad network is just like a regular one, it’s just a bit more limiting. channel specific ad networks like glam for womens, it’s just a matter of focus

another elephant in the room. hype! they’ve gotten a lot of people working on this problem of monetization. crowdsourced problem solving!

didn’t know that the 30 boxes guy (Narenda) started a facebook ad and promtional network and is making silly money now. he smiles shyly and shrugs, what’s a boy to do?

Ro Choy, of rock you, is all kinda of articulate. I’d pluck him for a conference.

adbrite: it’s still early to tell, but the budgets can be sizable for facebook advertising, for like a movie release. other folks are smaller for say a guy seeking his soulmate.

videoegg: most of the business CPM is for brand exposure, say movies, tv shows, music. a video ad has greater value.

we sell a lot to big advertisers because they recut their tv ads to videos for facebook. it’s measureable now, we can tell them not only numbers viewed, but how much of the video has been viewed. We provide richer data.

good question on proportion of big advertisers vs little guys. Ro says it’s direct response, so it’s developers themselves. they’ve done big guys, but 90/10 little to big. Adbrite says its 75/25. narenda says similar, but videoegg goes more big guys.

moderator: facebook is losing it’s beauty and whitespace with ap madness.
narenda says lots to cheer about, any tie there is a new market there is a lot fo excitement that can get in teh way of judgement. this community could consider long term business, benefit from long term thinkgin. apple wouldn’t build it that way, flickr wouldn’t’ build it that way.. companies that focus on the user experience… you can con a 18yr old from Ontario, many folks are very trusting, and many aps get handed a lot of private data , i’m not sure we fully understand the repercussions of that. It’s in everyone’s interest to think a bit more long term, rather than short term exploitation.

Ro notes that many companies are learning to change their focus form thousands of users to thousands of ACTIVE users. the value is still being understood, it’s only six months old.

narenda says they are taking a hard line about video, noise, rude ads.. an ap that respects user will succeed. Joe, of video egg, points out video is very engaging, but his is user-initiated.

Adbrite points out the creepy factor in contextual advertising (seen in gmail) but opportunity is high also, can understand genre preferences, etc. reminds me of old wired article on “yuck factor” of new technology.