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OPENING THANG Still very busy, but stole a couple hours to do some tweaks on EH, including tidying […]


Still very busy, but stole a couple hours to do some tweaks on EH, including tidying up the links page, adding a couple new articles to the article collection, and some rather odd navel gazing on my blog. Oh, and after moaning and complaining about how much I didn’t care about Netscape, I changed the front page again so it’ll work on that red-headed stepchild of a browser.

I worked this weekend, and how did I take breaks? By stretching and jogging into the park? No! Why would I leave my computer…

seeking the a-list


The Lost Chapter of Inmates (via

“What we have managed to accomplish in just a couple of decades is the complete transformation of every business relationship from a natural, interpersonal, human one to one that is defined, modulated, constrained, and tainted by computer software. ”

Visual Design for Instructional Content (Part II) (also via

“The second part of the article explores the use of comics as instructional content with specific reference to the work of comics creator and theoretician Scott McCloud. ”

Further Reflections on Information Architecture

“Discussed here:

What is IA?

Information Architecture != Architecture

Who Develops the Information Architecture?

Stop Whining About Marketing–Become Marketing!”

The URL as an Interface

“URLs should be simple, concise, and designed to last forever – reflecting the page’s content and hiding the implementation. ”

Found a new IA blog


Dalliance is a family of 9 fonts inspired by the elegant handwriting on an antique map depicting a battle that took place at Ostrach, southwest Germany, in 1799.

For more information, click here

Set sample text in Dalliance


Make plans to attend the third annual typography conference of the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SoTA).


Who Is ‘The User’ Anyway?

“No site or application has one single group of users who share the same attributes. On the contrary, there are likely to be a number of distinct user types, each of which will have differing expectations and work patterns. Good interface design will cater for as many of these groups as possible, whilst of course reflecting the different priority the business may accord them. ”


Okay, I think this trend has gone too far… Givenchy Fragrance (via

UK adverts complained about… naughty!

return of a classic:

haiku error messages