From: Gleanings To: traveling man

From: Gleanings To: traveling man Subject: Gleanings: woog-free OPENING THANG FIrst of all, I’d like to thank everyone […]

From: Gleanings
To: traveling man
Subject: Gleanings: woog-free


FIrst of all, I’d like to thank everyone who suggested water as a way to get rid of my wooginess. All this time I thought water was nothing more than a threat to good scotch! and it turns out to be good for you. Who knew?

Secondly, a few Morocco pictures, with very light commentary.


Documentation sighting:
part of Stacy Thornum’s portfolio


Industry Standard Europe: The English empire.(
Hastened by the Internet, the language has achieved a dominance that the empire-builders of yesteryear would have recognised with awe.,1151,15355,00.html

FEED Magazine: From July 7, 1999; How 19th-Century Politics Determined The
21st-Century. (

Gartner Says Ruling is “Death” For Napster,2198,3531_706861,00.html

Medium Risk on NAKEDWIFE Virus,2198,3531_706551,00.html


US News: Ads that just don’t click-no, literally.
They include longer, thinner ads called “skyscrapers” and larger pop-up boxes.
Giving advertisers a bit more creative leeway, they hope, will drive up
spending. Nice try. The new ads may look funky, but new shapes alone are
unlikely to turn things around.

What of the New Ad Sizes?
They’re designed to boost the sagging online advertising industry, and
revive marketers’ interests in Web media. But what do Internet architects
really think of the new ad-size guidelines?

How to Hire an Interactive Agency
The seminal “Ogilvy on Advertising” suggested some simple steps for the
best way to hire an advertising agency. But decades have passed since
then. Choosing an interactive agency can now be a harrowing — and
complicated — decision


Media Nugget
Jack Kirby is to comic books what Picasso is to fine arts: an insanely prolific visionary who, in the view of many, embodies his medium in the 20th century. He helped to create a number of American comic book genres, including romance, but ultimately found his niche in cosmic power-fables such as The Fantastic Four and The New Gods. The Kirby Collector has grown from a fanzine into the premiere source for all things Kirby.

Buttoncreation software doesn’t kill people, people kill people

mike at point to this interesting new take on file swapping


Adam of writes regarding this article

“W/R/T the larger issue, Dr. Nielsen may or may not know what he’s talking
about. (I for one believe the era in which one can make cultural
generalizations and derive meaningful principles from them is over.) But to
assert that an iterative approach to design is foreign to the Japanese
mentality, and especially the Japanese corporate mentality, is prima facie

There are examples beyond counting in the history of Japanese commerce of
the use of tightly-coupled iterative loops in the design process, two of the
best-known being Toyota and Sony.

There is even a word in Japanese that means “constant incremental
improvement,” which epitomizes the Japanese automobile industry’s approach
to design, very much as opposed to Detroit’s habit of introducing radically
new metal on a three- or four-year interval.

Every Walkman and fuzzy-logic rice cooker in Akihabara has been through a
process of iterative selection – models with features that were popular last
year will be replaced with a spectrum of models that incorporate those
features, and others. The models among that spectrum that shift units will
become the seed for the next generation, and so on.

True, this is not usability testing except in the grossest and most
scattershot way. But it is certainly iterative; in fact, it bears a strong
resemblance to the way nature does things. I am constantly coming up against
this kind of sloppiness in Nielsen’s thinking and pronunciamenti, and I
think it’s about time his words are taken less seriously.”


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