From: Gleanings To: survivors Subject:

From: Gleanings To: survivors Subject: Gleanings: hide and seek without the hide part OPENING THANG Let’s play “spot […]

From: Gleanings
To: survivors
Subject: Gleanings: hide and seek without the hide part


Let’s play “spot the christina” at some point I’ll be on Jeff @ The House,
I can let you know when I’m on it when I know, or you can develop a daily habit like I have. Also, I’ll be joining Jesse James Garrett in an unscheduled moderation of a session at the conference Come see me and say “Hi”. I’m pretty dang approachable.

And a bunch of folks asked where my mysterious and catty design correspondent found his Hugh Dubberly quote. here ya go
“you don’t mention it directly, but it’s linked to in that ALAP article you
mentioned in your last ‘issue’. you can also get it directly at”


Architecture, Butterflies and Common sense – the ABCs of a profession on the rise.
Andrew Dillon

“Creating an Online Press Room” by B.L. Ochman –
thanks vincent!


Very smart rebuttal to Jakob’s more unfortunate tendencies
(thanks Vincent! )

good post on how to reduce bandwidth for testing

Useit.Com: Usability Metrics.
Although measuring usability can cost four times as much as conducting
qualitative studies (which often generate better insight), metrics are
sometimes worth the expense. Among other things, metrics can help managers track design progress and support decisions about when to release a

Internet World: Deconstructing
John Shiple and Louis Rosenfeld. My only gripe is that some of these
syndicated areas could be better customized. will
automatically give you listings for B&Bs in Quebec City. But Expedia doesn’t know that you’re heading there, and you’ll have to fumble around their
site for the airport code.



NY Times: The New York Times: Five Years on the Web.
With that in mind, Bernard Gwertzman, editor of The New York Times on the Web,
and Martin Nisenholtz, chief executive officer of New York Times Digital, sat down to discuss their five years on the Web, the state of Internet journalism today, and what we can expect in years to come.

Survivor! How your peers are coping with the web design crisis
“Decline and Fall? — a special issue on the industry-wide crisis. It’s ugly out there, but how bad is it, really? We asked 40 of our peers to share how they were coping (or not) with the layoffs and business failures currently plaguing our industry. After reading their stories, you can add your own in the new ALA discussion forum.” from