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From: Gleanings To: mark-ups Subject: Gleanings: angle brackes and all OPENING THANG Working on a lot of small […]

From: Gleanings
To: mark-ups
Subject: Gleanings: angle brackes and all


Working on a lot of small projects as well as my day job at CIQ. Excuse the lack of pontification (or is that, enjoy the lack of pontification…)


Mike ( send me this
and is always raving on about this
both interesting for their customization interfaces (if not for their wacky biznez models)

Cool site collects websites and their evil twins: theft may be bad but it makes fun surfing.

Elwell’s Glossary of Sociology

Wandering navigation (and I hear this is a beautiful magazine. what’s the deal with their website?)

Dries writes:
“ has a book module. The book module is a collaborative writing tool whose goal is to write structured and more permanent documents. Each document is a collection of nodes, in this context called “pages”, assembled in a tree with chapters, sections and so on.”


AskTog: Replay TV.
“I expect there is some lawyer out there that would love to make a few million dollars in a slam-dunk class action lawsuit. If you know of one, have him give me a call.”


News.Com: Will the “refresh” button become obsolete? (
A surfer on Excite, for example, would load a full page from the original
source, but then the site would establish a direct connection between Bang’s
network and her browser. This would remain open as long as she is on the site,
updating changes in the page as they’re made. In this age of unprecedented access to information, however, fewer and
fewer people choose to make the trek to the polls on election day.
Even in countries where the citizens have had the right to vote freely
for a relatively short period of time, the percentage of people voting
in elections is dropping.

Interactive Week Online: Webmasters are a happy bunch (
Despite the downturn in the technology sector, a new survey of US
webmasters by Interactive Week shows that website operational budgets
are expected to increase this year.


Alyssa sent me:
“Whopper of the Week” the lie that the internet is eating all our electricity.

David send me this:
“For the perfect party, invite a mathematician”,
“the Quadratic Law of Resentment, to wit: if you combine N people, there are N(N-1)/2 possible ways in which arguments can break out.”

andi writes:
“thought you might like some of this site.
I liked the bit called
“a student asks the poet basho: what is victoria’s secret?”


Since so many survey respondents told me they use gleanings to track what I’m writing in the weblog, I’m adding this section:

“do u have any thoughts or resources regarding the application of IA to game design? thanx petros”
I don’t, but maybe you do….

“My favorite responses to “How can I improve Eleganthack?”
“better looking”
“naked photos of friends”


Anti-Internet Party
Tuesday, April 10th
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (employed) or 12:00 AM (unemployed)
Paragon Restaurant
2nd & Townsend (next to PacBell Park)
San Francisco, CA
RSVP requested (to help Paragon estimate attendance), but is not required: