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    I have a love hate relationship with Ikea. HoweverI have 2 stories that has made me love it more than hate it. One person I know told me that she has a lifelong gratitude for Ikea. While she was traveling by herself in Asia outside of the US she was being stalked by a gang of shady looking guys, she immediately saw an Ikea and dunked into the store for several hours hoping for the guys not to follow her or wait for her to come out. Second story, after arriving in HK we pooh poohed staying at a hotel that was above Ikea and then we were grateful that we lived within a block of a store so familiar…we haven’t set foot in an Ikea since college but we were glad to have found Ikea to setup our temporary home. In both situations it’s not about design, it was about temporary convenience and familiarity.

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