Designer as Founder: Week Two Class Notes

This week the students presented the insights they gained from talking to users and how the evolved the business model canvas. They then picked groups and selected the theme/market they are exploring.


Week 2: Introduction

Finish Practice Project
Pick your Startup Team & Target Market

 Jan 28 Present Practice project

Team presentations 10 minutes each
Discussion with Kifi team of findings

  • What did you learn?
  • What is the market?
  • Who will pay what?
  • What is the painpoint?
  • How does kifi change?
  • Go/no go recommendations


Short Lecture: What is Lean Startup? What makes Lean Lean?
I gave this extemporaneously, but it was similar to this excellent talk


  • Pick teams
  • Design interviews for generative research



  • Create teams for new project. Decide on market/theme. Do not start working on what the product is. Find a name for your team. Email both to me BY WEDNESDAY JAN 29. Teams will be finalized Thursday the 30th in class.
  • Do worksheets 0a and 0b in Four Steps as a team
  • Start your team blog/wiki/journal. Everyone will be expected to blog WEEKLY.  I will read them on the weekend. Blogs not written by sunday will be considered incomplete.


Jan 30 Start Your Startup

Discuss UX for Lean Startups. What did we learn? Is this a job we’d want to do? What’s the downside?

Watch Top Ten Business Model Pitfalls



Develop script for customer interviews

Business Model Canvas hypotheses for your project.



Section 3, Design Technique 1 User Insights in Business Model Generation. (we will be doing empathy maps next week)

Empathy Maps



Exploratory customer interviews, at least 5 each (and preferable more…10 is good), over weekend.

Blog findings/learnings