Designer as Founder Week Five

The big win of the week was an exercise we did together. Students went through the user research and pulled out all the pains, and wrote them on post-its.   They then mapped them against axis of extremity of pain and frequency of it. Then the students brainstormed features against each pain cluster. This led to features they were able to test using either Participatory roadmaps or Buy a Feature

photo 4 (1)
Mapping painpoints against axis of frequency and how bad.





Feb 18th Value Prop Discovery

Team presentations 10 minutes each on the projects TAM & SAM, as well as nature of the market and how you think you can crack it (what is the 9x solution?).

Class Lecture:

Value Proposition

What is your product or service? How does it differ from an idea? Why will people want it? Who’s the competition and how does your customer view these competitive offerings? Where’s the market? What’s the minimum feature set? What’s the Market Type? What was your inspiration or impetus? What assumptions drove you to this? What unique insight do you have into the market dynamics or into a technological shift that makes this a fresh opportunity?


(we will discuss Thursday)


Bonus material: Steve Blank on Value Proposition


Feb 20 Value Proposition Discovery

Discussion: what games can be played to determine a MVP? Pros/Cons?


Play an innovation game (or do participatory roadmapping) with target customers. You will present results Feb 25th

Update your blog/wiki/journal


Minimum Desirable Product

Getting the V Right

Cupcakes: The Secret to Product Planning


Bonus: MPV and Product Market fit