Design All the Things! UX Lausanne Talk

Opening keynote, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Christina Wodtke – Design All the Things! from UX Lausanne on Vimeo.

Designers fall in love with the things they design: flows, wireframes, journey maps and personas. But design is not a title or a set of deliverables. It is a way of interacting with the world purposefully, in order to make it a little bit better.

In this talk, Christina will explain how design thinking is a kind of cognition that is particularly useful when working on wicked problems. She will show how design techniques can shape more effective organizations, from creating the right products in the right markets to setting and making better goals. Design can even shape better negotiations and form more effective teams.

The things you don’t design often happen anyway, but rarely they way you hope they will. Design the future you wish to live in.

Here are the slides