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At the Hotel Lucia, one can order a pillow to one’s liking. Let me repeat you can order […]



At the Hotel Lucia, one can order a pillow to one’s liking. Let me repeat you can order your favorite kind of pillow!

After shower quality, I think a bad pillow is what makes me saddest as a hotel guest. Oh, and bad sheets. and crappy mattress. and not enough blankets. and no clock. and old air conditioners and… hmm. A lot can go wrong in a hotel. Bad wall art is low on the list for me, after many creature comforts including a decent pillow. But having a pillow I’d like was one of the things I had given up on (I like very flat pillows). Imagine my delight when I saw the sign.

I’m happy to say that the Hotel Lucia offered

  • drinkable coffee
  • comfy mattress with enough blankets/pillows (plus hte mind-blowing option of ordering a pillow)
  • windows that opened, and a functional thermostat
  • lovely decor, including orginal signed photographs
  • a proper cd player and a big TV
  • wireless phone
  • shampoo and conditioner (I hate hotels that punk out and get that conditioning shapoo. it doesn’t condition and it doesn’t clean well)
    — and it was some of the best smelling shampoo I’ve ever had. Aveda rosemary-mint.

  • king size bed.
  • gorgeous chrome ice bucket and both highball and wine glsses.
    and much more.

I highly recommend you stay there if you are ever in Portland as a guest, but I especially recommend it for you experience designer types.

But moreover, it’s a good example of ways you can find to delight people, if you just question every single aspect of the experience…


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    Ok. I know it’s a nice high end hotel if they have Aveda products in the bathroom. Talk about experience design, that company really has their brand wrapped up into the most interesting corporate identity.

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    Dude, that’s the hotel attached to the fusion restaurant where we all had dinner during Summit ’03. From a two-minute poke through the lobby, I knew I had erred (and not mildly) in allowing myself to be booked into something called the Compass Suites.

    I had the same hotel envy I had had in Austin three weeks before, when I stayed not at the San Jose but at the Omni. Those two experiences taught me the lesson: never again will I settle for a non-boutique hotel if I have the option.

    I still have the Lucia collateral I swiped that night. I could tell from the attention to detail they put into their matchbooks, etc., that the stay experience itself’d likely be pretty swank – and it looks like I was right, huh?

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