And that redesign thing….

The survey is proving to entertaining and edifying. (it’s not too late to add your two cents!) My […]

The survey is proving to entertaining and edifying. (it’s not too late to add your two cents!)

My favorite responses to “How can I improve Eleganthack?”

  • “better looking”
  • “naked photos of friends”
  • “Smell-o-vision.”
  • “Keep the site simple. I don’t come for layout and pictures, I come for the interesting content.”
  • “less boring design maybe? ”
  • “Keep the simplicity of your web site, it’s efficient”
  • “Add pretty colours and graphical design… 😉 ”
  • “the rambling logotype with bad fonts. “
  • “Check your spelling…please!”
  • “You don’t brag about Gabe enough. More Gabe! More Gabe! More Gabe!”
  • “I still like underlined links.”
  • “more personality”

Well, folks I’ll try to balance the design and undesign issues as best I can. I’ll talk to my friends about posing naked,and perhaps they’ll offer some oders for the smell-o-vision thing also. As for spelling, unless I magically get over dyslexia and learn to spell and type OR someone starts editing for me, I fear yr going to have to live with my bizarro spellings. And as for “more personality” — are you really ready for that?

In any case, the most common requests were

  • go to grematter so we can add our coments
  • move blog to the front page
  • let me know what you have on the site and what’s new
  • “make gleanings (and archives) easier to find, especially to people who just read the blog. i had been reading the blog for a long time before i found gleanings and like gleanings more than the blog”

Well, I promise you ALL of these will be addressed (hey, we’re already in greymatter). I’ve actually hated the front page rambling quote for some time now, and want to redo it, except it seems silly since I’m about to redo everything. But the blog *will* go to the front page, and that dang quote will go. And for those who don’t know I do a little newsletter called gleanings.

You may like it, if you like this blog.

Keep sending in your comments!

And by the way, Gabe is great! It’s such a pleasure to work with him! Every sunday I lie awake in bed ’cause I’m so excited to work with Gabe on Monday– it’s like Christmas eve! Gabe is the Santa Claus of UX!

(see, I told you I listen to your comments…)


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    the reason i think of gabe as santa is that he’s just so fucking giving. dammit. and i think of noel as the little closeted elf who wanted to be a dentist, but that’s mostly because of his gap fetish.

  2. 3

    Until there is smell-o-vision: Gabe says he smells like a combination of day old socks and magnolia trees.

  3. 6

    As for gleanings: when I was a young girl in Iowa there were people who would walk the corn fields after the harvest picking up the ears of corn the harverster had left behind. Those folks were called gleaners, and the act of collecting the corn in this manner is called gleaning. I rather thought that my trolling the web looking for ears of corn–good links– in the dirt of the web was a gleaning-like activitiy.

  4. 7

    How to improve a site is a permanent question: it is just a condition of elated perfection no one ever truly attains.

    I can say, for what my minor opinion matters, that I never read blogs very much, yet this one truly engrossed me. Normally blòogs are, let’s admit it, impossible to follow. They just stream without purpose.

    Now, what is the BEST feature here? perhaps the style? perhaps the colours? perhaps perhaps?

    The best feature, which kept me browsing a blog for days and I still connect nearly daily is this: the author has a brain.
    “hemingway needs no introduction” was written as the first line of an introduction.
    What makes this blog good is not design (which is quite good) but the above avergae level of its essays.

    You say: oh what a discover.
    Well, yes it is. I have many faults in my life but I have one conceited “virtue”: I have a natural talent to spot instantaneously intelligent contents featured thorugh a complelling writing style. Let me read for 6 hours Virginia Woolf, and I will start writing in her style, like a chamaleon of the pen.

    So, that is the virtue of this site, so whatever enhances it is whatever makes it possible to locate the most meaty past posts.
    A few of them are small masterpieces in their field.

    An author cannot be interesting every day, no one can; even Hugo wrote bad things. Even Shakespeare has been able to write truly worthless things (though academics would horrify. Mot of the day: academies are those places where persons with a formal education learn how persons with no formal education whatsoever managed to do better things than they’ll ever do).

    So of course also the blog can’t be compelling just every minute; yet there are so many sections and so vast that gather so many neately elaborated essays on web design, that whatever makes it possible to output them in a cumulative set of screens, is welcome.

    What matters is the thought.


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