one of these things is not like the other

From ASIS&T 2006 Information Architecture Summit: Key Topics Survey Results, the topics attendees most want to heara about are

  1. Information Design
  2. Interaction Design
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Usability (Research & Testing)
  5. Behavioral Research

facinating… I never expected number three to pop up, but I am extremely pleased to see it. It’s a definate sign the community is realizing they much reach higher, deeper to make a real difference.

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    Funny, I just got moved into the ‘Strategic Development’ department where I work. Trouble is, they are kind of expecting me to be a producer rather than an IA. What’s with that? So, now I’m moving back to the dept I was in so I can get on with fixing the site that already exists rather than noodling over what may come. In my opinion, if what exists is not good, you will probably never get to the stage where your noodling becomes a reality because you lost all your business down the ‘bad user experience’ gurgler.

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