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    I think it’s because it’s not quite clear that you mean you’d rather go to SXSW and party.

    FWIW, I’ve heard they have some smashing debauch’s at Oxford. That’s where they invented wine.

    Personally, the only part of SXSW I liked was hanging out drinking with the IA/UX types and smart-minded developers.

    The panels sucked (barring one or two), and most of the designers and developers there were reasonably ignorant and too lazy or self-important to get a clue.

    (My last year there, I met Nick Bradbury, the creator of Homesite. We were drinking in honor of Nick Finck’s birthday, and it was fun to watch the table explode into war stories and profuse thanks to Mr. Bradbury. Just about all of us credited his software with saving our asses, or giving us a job.)

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