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Sean Smith wrote and asked me for ammunition against pop-up ads. The article “Pop-up Internet Ads: More Eyeballs – and More Frowns” and a a good thread on CHI-WEB was all I could track down. I’d like to ask EH readers to submit anything they know as well (for all you know he’s working on *your* favorite site)

My own experience in recent testing was that all users closed pop-ups as quickly as possible as soon as they showed up. Yes, all. It was amazing; they could often close them before the contents even loaded. However, the staistics from that same site showed that popups had the highest click through rate of any ad. One HCI friend suggested that it might be people simply missing the x-close button and accidently clicking through….

I did find this interesting article on popup killing software, but no data on how often its used.


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    When I read the article about pop-up killing software I got excited. I downloaded the popupstopper software but hotmail opens a new box to open sites when I click a link. Popupstopper won’t let the new window open. Interesting problem. It’s easy enough to disable but then what’s the point of having it installed at all?

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