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This diagram of an iterative process caught my eye. The presence of “focus groups” definitely scared me, but the basis is strong…

It’s from a talk on rapid application development, and I’m pleasently surprised how similar this is to our processes. Another paper on

Dynamic Systems Development Method explains that DSDM is based on nine fundamental principles starting with:

“Active user involvement is imperative. DSDM sees itself as a user-centred approach. Active involvement by the user community throughout the development project is therefore seen as crucial.”


Did this “methodology of the week” survive? Is it in practice somewhere? if it is, how is it working out for you?

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    Jonas Söderström

    And although the active user involvement-principle is great, there is IMO a lack of more detailed thoughts on IA/usability and user involvment in the model. However, I think the DSDM approach and methods used by IA’s and usability practioners could well be fitted together. I also think they would benefit much from eachother. I’m also convinced, that it’s far more easy and fruitful to merge these two views, than to try to get fit IA and usability practises into the Universal Process (UP) method (of which RUP is one example). /Jonas

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