Gleanings:less real but more fun

From: Gleanings To: glean-team Subject: Gleanings:less real but more fun new jakob. APROPOS OF NOTHING I am in […]

From: Gleanings
To: glean-team
Subject: Gleanings:less real but more fun

new jakob.

I am in love with this site. With its well thought out icons, strange
photodisk testimonials and clever personalization and stickiness ploys it is more successful as a fake site than many real e.coms.
Goodwill. Globally.

more on fake websites

NY Times: Wacky, Fake Web Sites Grab Attention.
The trend is meant to capitalize on the growing use of and fascination with
the Internet as well as to take advantage of the capabilities of the Web to
produce content at a low cost that appears to be genuine. In other words, on
the World Wide Web, it can always be April Fool’s Day.

this has to be seen to be believed.
super postal worker.



I quite like the design and navigation of this webshop.

domain squatters are starting to lose…
Yahoo! Wins 40 Domain Names (AP)

from Tomalak

Salon: Don’t call us.
In five years writing about the Net, I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous endeavors — like publicists who fax over press releases and then request that, if you don’t plan to write about “Making Merry with Shari’s Berries!” you fax back an explanation of why you passed on that hot story tip.
from webmonkey
Friday, 18 August 2000

Levi’s and Phillips have banded together to create the first commercially available line of e-clothing! They’re starting out with jackets that come with built-in MP3 players and cellphones, and cost between $600 and $900 (so reasonable!). Some people are concerned about the possible health risks of having so much technology constantly radiating your body, but I just want to know what the coats look like. I mean, unless they’re really cute, you probably won’t wear them enough to worry about anything but the wrath of the fashion police, right?
Read all about it at Wired News

and more

MP3 Overview

Intro to HDML

Digital Storage Options

Palm Images for the Web

Industry Standard: Hello, And Welcome to Our Redesign!
Q&A with Alex Weil, designer at Charlex. What I tried to do was raise the
quality of the Web site to match the brand and culture it created through
the phone. The first thing we did was add its well-known slogan to the top of
the Web site. “Hello, and welcome to Moviefone!” can also be downloaded as an
audio file.
Adweek: From July 3, 2000; Sneak Previews