Graphing Social: Jia Shen of rockyou

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  • Think mathmaticlly
  • gauge target audience size
    • guys/girls
    • languages
    • age
  • Model the viral multipliers
    • channels
      • application name –it is the first thing ppl see, shows up in minfeed, left nav
      • invite — think about how it spreads, the you create
      • notifications
      • in page
      • superwall
  • viral multiplie
    • invites
      • 1 install
      • invite x ppl
      • x ppl open it
      • x people convert
      • x people uninstall
      • ending no needs to be greater than 1
      • multiplier over time
    • user tests
      • validate use cases – wil they use it?
      • test calls ot action – will they click it
      • validate viral models – any broken links?
    • development
      • instrumental channels
        • be able to quantify each viral multiplier
        • prepare for a/b testing
      • instrument sitestats
        • google analytics
        • quantcast
      • be agile
        • develop quickly
        • release early
    • Launch it!
      • phase it out
        • make sure it works before promoting it
        • when confident, go full blast
      • promote on ad networks
        • guaranteed performance
        • exposure to full demographics
        • tune your ad!
    • Promotion – ad networks
      • third party ad neetworks on facebook can radically accerate your adoption
    • Tuning
      • validate the viral model
        • identify the totla multiplier
        • wahat’s weak
      • find new channels
        • how do uses use it?
        • integrate in other applications – look for synergy with popular aps
      • tune underlying channels
        • targeting
        • deliverability
    • Monetize
      1. Growth
        • maintain comfortable growth
        • keep tuning
      2. engagement
        • create more depth for application
          • multiplayer (myspace widgets are singleplayer, facebook is multiplayer. nice comparison!)
          • statistics/data
        • enagement channels
          • minifeed events
          • notifications

Q: when you follow facebook’s look&feel, when do you break?
A: facebook provides a lot of material on their look and feel. Don’t worry about copying, but avoid departing. stick with simple html wihtin the framework, and you won’t have issues

Q: what is the range in viral multiplier
A: the multiplier changes as facebook changes and as the ap picks up use. what we’ve seen on successful on 5-10, failures  are at 1 or less.

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