Building to Scale: Jeremiah Robinson of Slide

This isn’t my cup of tea, but we’ll see… I can hear Jim typing away, he might be a better bet.

Slide wasn’t ready for the scale of facebook engagement. they learned

break down your application

  • static content
  • application logic.
  • data storage

offload static content.

  • CDNs (Akami, panther)
  • storage solutions (S3, facebook coming)

optimize your application logic (again, myspace is self expression, facebook is sharing, so people will move data around at a rapid pace as the ap grows in adoption)

  • pagination
  • ajax – we’re used to people go through pages. on facebook ppl go to a page then leave. so it can help the user experience.  ajax allows you to have isolated logic you can extend very easily
  • caching (memcached is your friend) People get mad if you dumb data, you have to keep it around but you dont’ want too many data call

simplify data storage

  • normalization
  • indexing
  • Keep is simple

test your application

  • listen to your users
    • QA, usability, desirability — go to the forum and someone will tell you how you messed up
  • Watch your logs
  • create big test accounts
    • something that works with ten friends breaks at 100, 800, more… don’t underestimate friend size _design for scoble_
  • Measure activity